Allergy Services

Allergy Testing

  • Allergy testing begins following a referral from a CMG physician or nurse practitioner
  • Testing for 50 of the most common allergens
  • Patients over the age of two may be tested
  • No needles involved in testing
  • Same day results
  • Patient FAQs

Immunotherapy (IT)

  • Immunotherapy is a treatment that allows your body to build up immunity to your allergies
  • Customized treatment for your specific allergies based upon your allergy profile
  • Long-term relief

Why see the CMG Allergy Specialist?

  • Convenient, local provider with daily office hours
  • At-home treatment programs are available
  • Your primary doctor works hand in hand with your specialist
  • Some insurance plans are accepted; Interest-free payment plans are also available
Kim Henderson, Certified Allergy Specialist
Clarsville Medical Group, P.A.